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Welcome to New Zealand, Aotearoa - Land of the long white cloud.
Haere mai, Haere mai!

Moving to a new country brings with it both challenges and opportunities. Many aspects of life in your time in Homestay will be different from what you are accustomed to. We hope that most of these differences will appeal as some of the novelties that come with living life in a new society. However, some will also inevitably be more difficult to come to terms with.

So that you may better prepare yourself to adapting to a different country, different culture, please visit these links as they may provide you with a brief insight into New Zealand and some of the culture differences that you may experience.

Arrival in New Zealand

To assist your arrival into New Zealand, please check out the link below. It may provide you with valuable information about Auckland International Airport and how it is laid out, Airport procedures, Customs procedures and Immigration. There are also links that will allow you to check out all transport options available to you whilst you are in New Zealand.

Click Here to learn more about:

International terminal
Domestic terminal
Arrival procedures
Departure procedures

Flight information
Passenger information
terminal facilities
Shop & dine
Border security