Courtesy Rules of Homestay

Whilst in homestay please try to observe these simple ideas.

1. Absolutely no smoking in the house.

2. No Alcohol to be brought into the homestay family house unless invited.

3. Advise homestay family by 4.30pm that day if not coming home for dinner. Leave a message on the answer phone if no one is at home.

4. If staying out for the night, please advise before 7pm that night.

5. Dinner will start at approx. 7pm each night, Monday to Thursday and the family will sit at the table in the dining room. Friday to Sunday will be casual meals.

6. Breakfast is provided (usually toast or cereal) however the student is responsible for preparing. Weekends may differ.

7. A casual lunch will be provided on weekends only.

8. Showers must be taken after 6.30am on a weekday, or in the afternoon or evening before 10pm. Showers should take no longer than 10 minutes once a day.

9. No wet clothes, washing or swimming costumes to be in your bedroom – please put them in the laundry.

10. Laundry / washing to be placed in the basket in the laundry and will be washed by the homestay family. Always ask first if you want to you use the washing machine or dryer. Clothes will be washed and folded, not ironed.

11. Student must be quiet once everyone is asleep. No music or computer noise after 9pm.

12. Always lock doors and windows when you leave the house, alarm details will be advised.

13. Telephone card to be used for calls outside of Auckland. No toll calls including mobile phone calls to be made on homestay family’s telephone. Local calls are free of charge.

14. Time limit of 15 minutes is required when using the telephone, as other people in the house also like to use the telephone. Please let all friends and family know there are no calls received after 9pm in the evening.

15. No hooks or locks to be put in your bedroom.

16. No cooking is to be done unless you have the permission from your homestay family.

17. Always rinse your dishes and put them in the dishwasher after use or dry and put away.

18. Permission is required by homestay families before inviting friends over to visit, no friends after 9pm without prior arrangement.

19. No other languages other than English can be spoken at home.

20. All students are to arrive home at a decent hour of the evening or at a time agreed upon between both parties. NO student is to arrive home after midnight unless by prior arrangement with host.

21. Do not enter into any private arrangements for homestay payments with you host unless approved by International Homestays (2004) Ltd.