IHL(2004) will through its own sources find students for the homestay host.


IHL(2004) and the host will conduct its business in accordance with the New Zealand Ministry of Education Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International students. A copy can be downloaded at


The homestay host will provide the student with the following. A house key, one clean room with a comfortable single bed, wardrobe and drawers, a desk with desk light, and suitable heating.

# PIN number for the security alarm ( Please teach student how to set / reset)


The host will arrange for the students clothing and linen to be laundered on a regular basis.


The homestay host will provide the students meals as follows, each day of the week a breakfast, and an evening dinner as served for the rest of the family, and luncheon as served for the rest of the family on Saturday and Sunday and any public holiday.



The host will explain how to bus from home to school and go home. The host will catch the bus on the first school day or on the weekend, whichever comes first. The host will teach student how to read the bus timetable.
The Host will explain where the student can smoke and where they should put cigarette ends
IHL ( 2004) will be available 24 hours, 7 days to host familiesfor any emergencies regarding the student or host families


Under no circumstances will the host, research for, poach, promote, introduce or market too, or on behalf, of any school or learning institution to the student, while they are in the hosts care


The Homestay hosts agree to pay IHL (2004) an administration and service fee. This fee will be deducted as follows:
a. On the first student payment a fee of $15.00 will be deducted.
b. On the second student payment a fee of $15.00 will be deducted.
c. No other fees will be deducted after this.
d. Fees are non-refundable.
e. This covers such items as: Police Vetting, 6 monthly visits to stay compliant with the NZQA - Code of Practice, administration costs.


The host will inform IHL(2004) when the Host families will be going on holidays so alternative arrangements can be made if necessary.


Whilst every endeavour will be made to pay the accommodation fee to the Host 2 weeks in advance from the day of arrival of the student, this may be delayed if the students institution has not paid accommodation costs to International Homestays (2004) Ltd.

Termination period required by either party is to be a minimum of 1 weeks notice. (7 days) The host is to sight and sign the termination form immediately when you receive it from student, taking note of the departure date. Termination forms are supplied by the school. If the notice is less than 7 days, IHL (2004) is to be informed. Tour groups of Four (4) weeks or less are exempt from the notice period.
The host will contact IHL (2004) immediately if a student gives notice to move out.
The host gives permission to IHL (2004) to conduct a police vet as per NZ Code of compliance standards. Once vetted IHL (2004) will send details of prospective host to the school or institution for approval.
The host will be responsible for the home running costs, groceries and any other expense required to fulfil the obligations of this homestay agreement.
Neither IHL (2004) or the school is responsible for any debts, damages or expenses incurred by the student to the homestay host or any other entity.
The homestay host will not have any private arrangement, with any student, introduced to the Host by IHL (2004), for the students term in New Zealand, unless the arrangement is agreed by IHL (2004) in writing

Host families should refrain from any physical contact with the student, such as hugging, touching etc. This is not part of the Asian culture and may be seen as some form of harassment. A hug to welcome or farewell is acceptable.

The homestay host will not charge any fees to any student, introduced to the Host by IHL(2004), unless the arrangement is agreed by IHL(2004) and the institution in writing.
This agreement and the terms and conditions attached represent the whole agreement between IHL (2004) and the host. Neither party has relied upon any other verbal or written representation by entering into this agreement.
INTERNET – Hosts are not expected to provide Internet access. It is the host’s decision whether Internet access is allowable to the student. It is at your discretion if you wish to charge for internet use. A recommended monthly fee of $20.00 - $30.00 per month is acceptable. If it is felt that students’ use of internet is excessive, hosts may charge more but IHL (2004) need to be notified.
Hosts should provide a receipt to the student for payments made.

Guidelines for Internet use are attached to this Host agreement.

In the event of Homestay Hosts owing overpaid homestay fees, any and all costs involved in collecting said fees, will be at the Hosts expense.
In the event of an overpayment of accommodation fees, that overpayment will be deducted from the next available payment, unless otherwise instructed. This means that if you are hosting more than one (1) student, the overpayment will be deducted from the remaining students weekly accommodation fees
In the event that the host requires the student to vacate the homestay prior to the agreed departure date, the host will be liable for any transfer fees to relocate the student to another homestay.

  This agreement and the terms and conditions attached represent the whole agreement between IHL (2004) and the host. Neither party has relied upon any other verbal or written representation by entering into this agreement.


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  • Should any dispute or difference arise between Host Family and the Student, both parties agree they shall, in good faith, endeavour to resolve the dispute by consultation and negotiation.
  • A member of IHL (2004) will be involved in any consultation and negotiation.
  • In all instances, a written report of the outcome of consultation and negotiation will be forwarded to the appropriate school / college. IHL (2004) will at all times keep the school / College informed verbally.
  • The School / College will have the right to be a party to any consultation and negotiation.
  • Should any homestay fail to comply with the standards set by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International students, we reserve the right to remove that homestay from our database without explaination.
  • Should any student suffer any form of abuse while in a homestay, details will be passed on to CYFS and/or the NZ Police. The student will be immediately removed from the premesis.
  • International Homestays (2004) Ltd reserves the right to decline any application by a potential host without explanation.


International Homestays (2004) Ltd will adhere to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International students and fulfil its obligations to the students and institutions which it represents.




Homestays may not able to provide the Internet access for the students.

PROPOSED Copyright laws regarding Downloads - Click HERE

• Please always ask permission first to see if the Internet or phone is available.

• Some host family may charge you about $20-$30 per month for Internet usage with limits if you share host family’s Internet account. (Eg. 1 hour only after 9pm, etc.) If you have to pay the Internet fees to the host family,
please ask for a receipt every time and keep it in a safe place.

• Do not download music/ movies/ games etc. as they draw on the Homestay Family's Internet Plan. If the monthly plan is nearly used up extra usage could be very expensive. (eg. Your host family may receive over $300~$2,000 bill for the Internet usage – you could end up paying this.)

Not allowed:
• Download Film, movie, games, etc
• Download Music
• Do not use camera phone or video conference (SKYPE)

• Send Email or read Email
• Use Internet moderately

Eg. Maximum 1hour per day including weekends
Please ask your family about a suitable time for Internet usage.

If you want to download games, movies, films, music and use video conference /camera phone or use Internet all the time, you must set up your own broadband connection on your laptop computer. You will need to pay for own broadband account for your Internet usage.
Consider purchasing a “VODEM” or other device that allows you “wireless Internet”. The account will be your responsibility