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About Homestay

Kiwi Homestay HomeHomestay is valuable in providing the student with an insight to the Kiwi way of life and the overall success of the students New Zealand experience. The home stay environment has many advantages, and is one of the preferred option for students coming to New Zealand to learn English. While in your care, we want the student to become a member of your family and integrate into your lifestyle, joining in with the day to day routines.


Each year thousands of students from Asia, Europe and Latin America choose to study in New Zealand. And it's not hard to see why. We provide a range of quality educational programmes, state-of-the-art facilities, a safe learning environment and a lifestyle that makes studying fun.
The quality of a New Zealand university education is recognised internationally, which leads to better post-graduate and career opportunities. Eight universities around the country offer degree programmes in subjects ranging from medicine and business to agriculture and engineering. Twenty five institutions of technology provide industry and career-focused vocational studies. High schools that welcome international students and both private and state English language schools are located in all our major cities. New Zealand is an affordable, safe place to study, with living and tuition costs that compare well with other countries.



Homestay Payments

International Homestays (2004) Ltd will pay for the accommodation direct to the host family in advance on a fortnightly basis, via internet banking. This is based on one student per room. Twin share rooms are at a slightly lesser rate.

Students under the age of 18 years - a higher rate will be paid.

  • If a student decides to take a holiday or leave of absence while staying at the homestay the student is obliged to pay a retaining fee of $90.00 per week, providing the student has left possessions in the room. This room cannot be "sublet" in the students absence.

  • International Homestay (2004) Ltd will notify you of the amount you will be receiving when your student has been placed and a confirmation letter has been sent to you.


International Homestays (2004) Ltd provides the following services to international students:
- Selection, matching and placement of the student with a New Zealand host. Host information letter posted / emailed prior to arrival.
- Coordination of airport pickup.
- Assistance with student adjustment to the host home via telephone, personal meetings and email.
- Assistance with community services like bus schedules, local churches, and social activities.

International Homestays (2004) Limited will endeavour to meet your background, interests and family life to those of your host family, and will take into account any specific requests that you have but cannot guarantee them in a placement

IHL(2004) is available 24 hours / 7 days a week to assist students and Hosts with any problems that may arise in the homestay.

Contact details can be found here.


In case of any illness, you should take your students to your own doctor or to the nearest hospital or emergency clinic in an emergency.

All students have medical insurance.

If your student is ill and is not attending school, you must let International Homestays (2004) Ltd know and we will inform the school / college / PTE.