Are you Eligible ?

At International Homestays(2004) Ltd our families consist of many different types of family units, big families, small families, single couples, elderly couples and single parent families. To comply with the Ministry of Educations Code of Practice all family members over the age of 18 will be police vetted. As the students are coming to New Zealand to learn English we prefer homestay families that do not have strong foreign accents.
The most important requirements of homestay families are good English, a safe, warm and comfortable family home, and friendly caring parent(s).

Homestay Challenges

. Being a homestay host has various challenges which students need to overcome. Homestay hosts must be aware of these challenges.

  • International students will have different values and customs.
  • They may suffer homesickness. Invariably, this is their first time away from home.
  • Your family will speak in English which students may not understand. You may need to slow your speech down so as to be understood. Kiwi's have a tendancy to speak fast.
  • There is a need to be sensitive to the people in the home all the time.
  • The biggest challenge will probably be the food. Talk to your student, ask what they like / dislike. If your student is of Asian ethnicity, offer rice occassionally instead of potatos.


Homestay Conditions

Hosts will need to provide:











  1. How to catch the bus from your house to school and back again.
  2. How to read the bus timetable.
  3. Where to buy bus tickets and where all the bus stops are.
  4. Please accompany your student on the bus to school on the first day.
  5. Hosts are not expected to deliver students to the airport on departure unless you wish to do so.
  6. Students are responsible for paying for their own transport costs.